In the book of Job, God implicitly asks Job, can you loose the belt of Orion. This is yet another statement of scientific fact when examine the facts more closely. Astronomers have only recently discovered that the belt of Orion, these 3 stars are each moving in opposite directions from each other. Each star in the Orion’s belt is moving in a different direction from the other at different speeds. It just so happens that they are currently in the correct position to appear in a straight line in the constellation of Orion.

Indeed the belt of Orion is being ‘loosened.’ Just as the Bible states.

Can you … loose the bands (belt) of Orion? -Job 38.31 (KJV)

Can you… loosen the bonds that hold Orion together? – Job 38.31 (GNB)

How could ancient man have know about this astronomical fact unless it like many other statements in the bible where divinely inspired.

Orion’s Belt or The Belt of Orion is an asterism in the constellation Orion.

The Belt of Orion consists of the three bright stars:

Star                                 Distance from Earth                 Luminocity compared to the Sun

ζ Ori (Alnitak),                    800 light years away                        100,000 x the Sun

ε Ori (Alnilam)                   1340 light years away                     375,000 x the Sun

δ Ori (Mintaka)                 915 light years away                        90,000 x the Sun (Dbl Star)