Evidence for a Young Earth – Astronomy

Brightness of the Sun Increasing


Sun - BrightnessMeasurements have been taken to show that the suns brightness is steadily increasing. According to the 3.8 billion year evolutionary time scale of when life supposedly began, the calculation shows a 25% loss of the suns brightness during the time frame when life was supposed to have spawned from its primordial soup. This means that the earth would have been very cold / frigid throughout all of its early history preventing life from occurring, and creates inconsistencies with all fields and discoveries of science.

The sun is the power that supplies the necessary energy for all life and for all living things on Earth. The sun’s light and the perfect distance from the earth to the sun makes a perfect living ecosystem for live to be possible on Earth.

The sun is powered primarily through the process of thermonuclear fusion, as light elements like hydrogen fuse to become heavier elements like helium, beryllium, etc. These processes can be studied in labs in similar conditions here on earth in nuclear chemistry labs.

The reactions that are a part of this process are affected by many different things, temperatures, the nature of other particles around them. As hydrogen is converted into helium, the number of helium atoms increase, and hydrogen is constantly burning up and is decreasing, which in turn begins to change the dynamics of the hydrogen that remains, causing fusing to become more efficient.

This will increase the temperatures and brightness of the sun. Stars actually get hotter and brighter the longer they burn, until they eventually use up all their hydrogen and undergo a chance into a different kind of star.

Using this data and going back 3.8 Billion years ago to the time when the evolutionary time scale begins, the sun would have been 25% (+/- a few percent) less bright then it is today. It would have been so cold that liquid water would not have been present in a reasonable amount to support life.


Old Earth Theorists Explanation

Old Earth Theorists attempt to explain this away by saying that there where greenhouse gases on the earth during this time, and as the sun got brighter, there was a perfect coordination system between the earth and the sun keeping a perfect temperature balance between the sun and the Earth.

So they believe that there was a conveniently perfect balancing act that allowed life to be sustained on the earth with the exact proper temperature needed for life to emerge over the course of millions of years. This miraculous balancing act would have to remain absolutely consistent for that entire time to in order to allow life to evolve. Otherwise the conditions for life would have been detrimental over the past few billion years.

There is no evidence for this evolutionary explanation at all, it simply is a belief that has to be implements to keep their faith intact. One piece of scientific evidence actually contradicts this hypothesis as ancient amber bubbles reveal a oxygen rich, early Earth condition.


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