Evidence for a Young Earth – Astronomy

Sun Luminosity & Fossil Evidence

We find in evolutionary astrophysics books the description of the suns luminosity being concluded as unchanged for hundreds of millions of years, due to the evidence that is found in fossils.

 – Introductory to Astrophysics and Astronomy 4th edition: Zeilik Gregory

p. 21, 1st paragraph 8th line.

We can see that other evolutionary ideas about stellar lifetime reveals a mathematical need for a constantly inclining luminosity, which is contrary to all the physical evidence we have.

1 billion years ago the sun would have been 10% less luminous, and 1 billion years into the future, it will be 10% more luminous:

  Chart - Luminocity - Sun

“The Sun and stars as the primary energy input in planetary atmospheres”

 – Ribas, Ignasi (2010), Solar and Stellar Variability: Impact on Earth and Planets, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, 264, pp. 3–18

If 100 million years = 1/100 of the entire lifespan of the sun, then we should expect to see a difference in the ‘fossil records’ per every 100 million years. The fossil records should reveal what the intensity of the suns luminosity was at the time of the creatures death and its exposure to the sun. As different intensities of the suns radiation would have different effects on fossils at different times.

Yet, we only observe a consistent ‘fossil record’ revealing the suns luminosity has been without any change throughout the entire chronology of the Earth.

If the Old Earth Theory was correct, we should see evidence, roughly a 1% difference per every 100 million years, but in contrast we find only uniformity in all ‘fossil records’.

Anthropic Theory

Looking at the chart above we can see the estimation of how intense the suns luminosity has been throughout its life cycle. We can see that it appears that we just so happen to be alive on the earth during the perfect equilibrium point in the suns time frame. This allows for the perfect conditions to exist on the earth for life to flourish.

It seems to be quite a convenient coincidence that we just happen to be in the current ‘equilibrium’ of the suns lifetime, yet pointing to the anthropic principle!

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