EXPOSING GOD IN CREATION – A supernatural design exposes God

The Creator Must Exist Outside of the Creation
God Reveals Who He Is In All of Creation
Fingerprints of God – Points to Who God is


Taking in account everything we observe in nature and in science, and in conjunction with the information that we find in the Bible. We know that whoever created this universe would had to have done so from an external reference point and must exist outside of it in order to make everything that is within it. A supernatural design exposes God as the creator.

Logic of a First Actualizer

The existence of a natural object (or creature) cannot account for its own existence.

Ultimately there must be an actualizer (something/one that brings into ‘actualization’ or existence something else) outside of the natural existing object in question that accounts for its existence. We know there cannot be an infinite regression of such cause and effects (or accounts), since there would be nothing to bring about the first actualized event to set everything else in motion, each cause would be an actualized event, but no one cause can account as the first actualized event.

All observable natural phenomenon occurs based on random events, and without intelligent input, no random natural event can account for any of its own functionalities.

Thus logically there MUST be a first unchangeable actualizer that began all events of change.

This first actualizer must itself (or Himself) must be unchangeable, eternal to all the events, and exist outside the laws of nature as we understand them in order to make them come into existence.

No potentiality for being can actualize itself; for example a canvas and paint have the potential for being a great painting, but cannot ‘actualize’ itself.

 – Thomas Aquinas


Taking in consideration the [Creation Model] the balance and perfection of each system working to create a higher more sophisticated working system, from sub-atomic particles to cosmic features, we can conclude not only must it all have needed a highly intelligent designer, but that Designer must have existed completely outside of the limits or laws that is used to hold the creation together.

In order for a creator to make a highly complex system on a subatomic level and create a sophisticated law of mathematics and physics on which everything exists, this programmed ‘code’ shows that there is a limit to everything that exists within it, even if super-imposed dimensions exist that would seem supernatural to our level of existence (3-D world) even those higher world still must be subject to laws of the designer. The Designer would have to exist outside of the worlds (or these levels) in order to create them.

The micro dimensions of our physical universe would have needed a designer proportional to its size and at the same time the cosmos would have needed a designer proportional to its size in order to design, understand and make them. This would also be true for every dimension that exists on every level that makes up all existence. What is more interesting is if you consider the fact that every dimension had a beginning, the designer would once again have to exist outside of every one of those dimensions of creation in order to have made them!

= The Bible is the only book written with a perspective outside of time, WITH A PERSPECTIVE OUTSIDE OF ALL CREATION ITSELF.

The Bible tells of the beginning and the end of creation and everything in-between! The originator of the Bible exists outside of time and space, and outside of all creation as He is the Creator of the Universe.

Designed - ComputerExample of an outside designer:

A computer can be understood by science and the laws that govern computer programming and hardware design, but one would have to look ‘outside’ of the computer to understand its origin.

Humans (computer programmers, designers and engineers) are not limited by computers because they exist outside of the computer. Therefore they are not limited by the way it works in order to do everything necessary to create it and make it fully operational.

Nothing ‘natural’ to the computer could ever explain the existence of the computer.

Therefore if we call our observable world and scientifically understandable universe, “Nature”, then the creator of nature must be external to this universe in order to create it; it is logical to call this creator a super-natural (or above natural) being.


Creation points to different attributes of the God of the Bible.

That which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 20  For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse. –Romans 1.19

The design of our universe points has the fingerprints of God all over it, as it is written in Romans that the attributes of God are clearly seen in the things that He has made, and the things about God that can be known are manifest within us.

There are countless attribute we observe throughout the natural world and how things work that symbolize and reflect God’s characteristics:

Within Us:

Understanding things such as divine justice and mercy is evident in the law of God written in our hearts and minds:

  • The knowledge of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong
  • Guilt over sins and happiness over good things.
  • Feelings of Joy and Peace
  • Feelings over misery and pain

People build societies based on laws and ordinances, we instinctively are driven to do moral good, not live like animals, and build culture and providence, justice systems, family values, etc.

God allows us to choose/ have freewill- demonstrated in evil & good things men are allowed to do.

Within Nature:

The attributes of God can clearly been viewed symbolically in the things God created in nature, some examples could be found in:

Mercy of God-              Calm days; Peace and Tranquility
Wrath of God-              Natural disasters; Fear and destruction
God is Light-                The sun; brilliance
God is Eternal-            Universe expands forever (hyperspace)
God is Father-             Demonstrated to us in loving families
God is love-                  Our existence, to experience life
God is just-                   Sense of justice, death supreme punishment for everyone
God is truth-                 Foundational laws of the universe cannot be broken (mathematics)
God is powerful-          Galaxies down to quarks are balanced
God is everywhere-     Tedious work to create the most basic detail (subatomic-particles)

Trinities in Nature

God created many different primary symbols in nature that point to a triunity as the primary symbol of how systems function:

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
God- Father Son Holy Ghost
Universe- Space Time Matter
States of Matter – Solid, Liquid, Gas
Time- Past, Past, Present,
Space- Height Width Depth
Charge- Positive Negative Neutral
Man- Body Mind Spirit
Light (Visible) – Red, Green, Blue
Water – Oxygen 2 Hydrogen *
Atoms- Proton, Neutron, Electron
Particle Types- Hadrons, Leptons, Bosons
Geology- Land, Sea, Sky
Family- Father Mother Children
Growth- Infancy Adolescence Adult
Places- Heaven Earth Hell
Electrical- Conductor Semi-conductor Insulator
Combustion- fuel heat oxygen
Types of light chemical rays light rays heat rays
Ecosystem- producers consumers decomposers
Consumers- herbivores carnivores omnivores
DNA- Phosphate Nitrogen Base Deoxyribose Sugar
Understanding- Visual Auditory Kinesthetic
Quantum Spin- Clockwise Counter-C No Spin