tracts-handoutsGospel tracts are a great way to open the door to talk to someone, and leave them with something to read or learn a little more about God and salvation. Why we should use gospel tracts:

  1. They can create an open opportunity to share our faith with someone. We can see if someone is open to spiritual things once we give them one and start talking about the gospel.” What’s this? “A gospel tract…”
  2. They can do the witnessing for us. many people who are timid or starting to do witnessing like to use them as handout after sharing a light delightful conversation with someone. At the very least we can give them a tract or leave it lying around.
  3. They speak to people when the yare ready, people many times will set it down somewhere and read it when they want to.
  4. They have the ability to find their ways into people homes through friends or other means.
  5. People cant argue with them, they just say what they are meant to say.

Every Christians should carry gospel tracts or something they can give out to others. Statistics show that over 50% of people who come to know Christ came through some form of literature.

Where to Place Gospel Tracts:

  • tracts-handouts-rackAt Pay Phones
  • In shopping carts
  • Clothes pockets in stores
  • Letter to loved ones / friends / acquaintances
  • With a generous tip
  • On lobby seats (in restaurants, hospitals, etc.)
  • With fast food workers, cashiers
  • In restrooms (clean areas)
  • On ATM’s & bank counters
  • Sent with Bills (yes, someone has to open all those!)
  • In elevators
  • Hotels
  • Ice machines
  • Newspaper racks / in newspapers
  • Seats or back of seats on buses/ subways/ airplanes
  • Inside magazines
  • In cabs
  • In laundromats

phone-booth-public-handouts“If you feel like you have little power and little ability, but nevertheless wish to do something for Christ, then begin today by giving out tracts” – Charles Spurgeon


Stories of Gospel Tracts:

Countless new Christians say they always felt convicted when seeing them laying around.

A man came to believe in Christ after finding one in the lips of an oyster at the bottom of the ocean. He proclaimed “Gods word is so faithful it followed me to the bottom of the ocean.”

A man came to believe in Christ as a landfill worker and got saved after finding a gospel tract in the trash heap.

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