Archaeological Facts in the Bible

The Bible hold innumerable historic and archaeological facts that point not only to its accurate historic content, but reveals the societies and cultures of the ancient world. Biblical archaeological studies give the undeniable proof that everything recorded in the Bible is historically accurate, and should be taken literally just the same as a historic text book. Biblical Archaeology confirms each of Bibles claims as it it provides validation in two different ways:

  1. Archaeological/ Historic Facts in the Bible – Confirmation of accounted recorded in the Bible
  2. Archaeological/ Historic Facts that Confirm the Bible – Confirmation of data correlating to accounts recorded in the Bible

The Bible is the only book that records all events throughout time. It records everything from the beginning of all creation to the end of time. Studying the Bible gives us the details of all major world events, in the past, as they happened in relation to and circling around Gods chosen people, Israel. It gives insight into modern era and present day occurrences, and extends into future events that will involve all humanity.

This archive examines all current evidence and research correlating to the historic events recorded in Bible. The Biblical timeline, beginning with the creation of the world, and moving forward until the time of the current ‘Church Age’, and all the archaeological facts that correlate to these historic records found in the Bible.

“It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever contradicted a Biblical Reference”.  – Nelson Gluek, (Renowned Archaeologist)