Scientific Facts in the Bible

There are multiple scientific facts recorded in the Bible that include insight into physical properties written in a time frame thousands of years before their modern known discovery.

This information leads to an obvious conclusion that the Bible was written outside of the perspective of humanity. This especially includes the perspective of the people in the time frame these verses were written, whom had a limited understanding of scientific discovery compared to what we know today.

Each of the branches of science are represented throughout various Biblical references, that of;

  • Astronomy (Red)
  • Geology (Green)
  • Medical / Health (White)
  • Physics (Yellow)

Many of these categories include insight and direct correlation into topics that have only been recently understood by modern day scientist, many of these claims were ridiculed in previous centuries by critics of the Bible.

Science is many ways, has only recently caught up to the Bible!

Science Catagories

There are two way in which scientific facts confirm the accuracy of the Bible:

  1. Scientific Facts in the Bible – These are scientifically accurate points described in the Bible
  2. Scientific Facts that Confirm the Bible – These are scientifically observable facts that confirm specific references in the Bible