national-flagsAmong the many different controversial issues in the world today, one of the main topics that concerns the citizen of any/every nation is the accountability of its government & the officials that represent it. Those whom sit in the seat of power, whose decisions impact the lives of everyone in that society.

People have a right to be concerned about the accountability of government officials, after all, for those officials that do not believe in God, or a higher authority then themselves, it is only natural for an overpowering human sense of self-pride and selfishness to begin to take over as they begin self seeking satisfaction and personal gain.

This is why it is important for any society or people group to have open policies within their government. As it is the job of the people of any nation to keep their leaders accountable, so they continue to do what is right and best for all the people of that nation.


Historically, there have been various government conspiracies that have proven, overtime, to be true. Through various piece of evidence, documents or confessions from the individual involved, ideas that where once thought to be crazed conspiracy theories turned out to be correct.

Throughout all of recorded history and since ancient times, people have known about and understood various conspiracies to be the central plan of their governing kings and leaders, as overtime, these plans become more and more evidence to the people of that society.

Historic Government Conspiracies Proven Correct:

“Deliver me, O LORD, from evil men; preserve me from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually.”  – Psalms 140.1-2

Alcohol Prohibition Act 1920-1933

protest-alcohol-prohibition-1920Once the alcohol prohibition act went into effect, the FBI began to enforce it by putting poison into alcohol in order to denote the nature of drinking alcohol. People began to dye readily from what seemed like alcohol poisoning, fueling the ‘Temperance Movement’ that claimed alcohol is the Devil.

False Witness of Kuwait- Gulf War 1990

Nayirah al-Sabah was a ‘citizen’ of Kuwait, she testified that she saw Iraqi soldiers invade one of the Kuwait hospitals and throw infants on the floor to die. She was invited by Tom Lantos who wanted to retaliate against the Iraq for its offense against Kuwait, helping to spark the Gulf War- of which began Operation Desert Storm.

In 1992, John MacArthur of NY Times discovered she was actually the daughter of a Kuwait ambassador in the U.S and her story was completely fabricated. The nurses and doctors that supposedly witnessed this event with Nayirah confirmed she fabricated the events she said took place in their hospital.

Domestic Terrorism of the U.S. Citizens by Joint Chief Staff – Operation Northwood’s 1962

kennedy-john-franklinThe Joint Chiefs are the 5 generals and admirals in charge of the 5 branches of the U.S military. In 1962, those men where George Decker (Army), David Shoup (Marines), Georg Anderson Jr. (Navy), Curtis LeMay (Air Force), and Edwin Roland (Coast Guard). The board drafted a ‘Concrot a Casus Belli’ for war against Communist Cuba, under Fidel Castro. Their motive was to reduce the threat of communist encroachment into the Western Hemisphere, per the Monroe Doctrine.

The plan was Operation Northwood’s, and it envisions a very cruel plan against the U.S Citizens in order to sway public sediment in favor of war. The plan was to bomb high pedestrian traffic areas in major American cities including NY, D.C, Chicago, LA; shoot innocent unarmed citizens in full view of hundreds of witnesses, sink vessels carrying Cuban refugees and hijack planes for ransom, all in the name of Cuban officials to frame the Cuban government.

Every member of Joint Chiefs signed this and sent it to the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and President Kennedy. President Kennedy did not agree to the plan and instead warned the Joint Chiefs they would be court-martialed and incarcerated for devising such a plan, however he did not actually do this as he was afraid it would cause  irreparable damage and disrespect around the world for the U.S military.

The CIA’s Heart Attack Gun – 1960-1970

cia-heart-attack-gun-conspiracyIn the early 1970’s, the CIA invented, with taxpayers money, the heart attack gun. It was disclosed in 1975 when senator Frank Church displayed it to a subcommittee investigating the CIA’s illegal activities. The gun was designed to be untraceable, it fires a bullet about 0.11 inches wide, about the size of a small BB, which is brushed with a minute amount of shellfish toxin. This toxin induces a myocardial infarction in any person without leaving any trace. The entrance of the dart would appear as small as a mosquito bite and would dissolve.

U.S Biological Weapons Program – U.S Citizen Tests 1943-1977

Various bio-agents & chemical tests have been performed on U.S citizen by the government over the past century. The goal was to test and see what the effects would be of mass contamination from various biological weapons. In 1969 President Nixon ended all offensive aspects of U.S bio-weapons programs, however the testing had been going on since 1950.

In 1950, ‘harmless’ bacteria where released over the city of San Francisco, exposing 800k of its residents.

In 1953 mock anthrax bacteria where released in St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Winnipeg. Dispersal pattern from air planes where releasing the bacteria affecting wide areas of the populace.

In Mar 1955, over 300k yellow fever mosquitoes were dropped over parts of Georgia to determine if the air dropped mosquitoes could survive from such a high altitude and drop to take meals from humans. Mosquitoes where collects as far as 2000 feet away from the drop site.

In the 1960, open air tests were conducted with Serratia Marcescens Bacteria.  These bacteria where purposely spread on subways and in air ports. Relatives of Edward Nevin who had died of a nosocomial infection six months after the San Francisco tests sued the government in 1981, arguing that the supposedly harmless Serratia Marcescens bacteria used in that test had in fact caused his death. The plaintiffs could not prove that the bacteria used in the test were the same as those that killed Mr. Nevin’s the court dismissed the case.