There are various conspiracy theory that exist in the world today. It is the purpose of this article to cover not only topics that could seriously impact society, but provide credible data that can be used by individuals, in order to benefit themselves and those around them.

Conspiracy theories have to potential to move outside the realm of credibility, into superstition. However, for those that wish to divert societies suspicions and continue with some underhanded scheme, they may employ such measures in order to divert people from the truth. This is why it is critical to take a conspiracy theory and turn it into a controversial investigation; to take a claim, underline it with all supportable, scientific evidence and remove all personal bias.


In order to properly investigate a theoretical problem or potentially correct some accusation, you have to collect all the evidence, remove as much of the bias and opinions from it as possible and objectively look at all the evidence.

If the evidence reveals that both sides of a story may potentially be plausible, or there is some very good counter arguments to oppose a theory, then you have to simply leave the information out in the public until further research or information can be concluded.

However, if specific information can be definitively concluded to point in a specific direction, it is the direct responsibility of the society involved to begin taking action to rectify any issues that could potentially threaten or do them harm.

This is the reason why officials need to be elected by a society to properly investigate topics that could become serious in order to prevent the degradation of a society. All information and interviews concerning any given topic should be publicized and made available along with all scientific and official documentation so the issue can be put to a vote by the people of that society on how to properly deal with it.

This is the purpose of this website, is to provide a starting point for making these kinds of changes, for the benefit of society. To objectively record and document all information pertaining to controversial issues, in order to help alleviate mass hysteria or provide evidence for a problem that needs to be rectified.


There are various topics that are identified based on popular discussion throughout this website. Besides the 5 main categories on the primary page, this web page deals with all the additional various controversial topics discussed in public circles. Some of the popular controversial issues that will be investigated are categorized accordingly;

  • Scientific Discoveries – Pseudoscience, Crypto Zoology
  • Private Experiments – Historic Experiments
  • Corporate / Economic Investigations
  • Public Health / Diseases