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Dinosaurs in Creation Science

Many educational systems teach that Dinosaurs lived roughly 65 million years ago, but did they really?

What evidence do we use to determine this time evaluation?

Is there additional evidence that could reveal that dinosaurs may have lived alongside humans in a much more recent time frame?

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The ONLY observable evidence that is used by those whom teach Dinosaurs lived in a time frame millions of years ago, is the procession of fossils found in the geologic time column.
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After examining all the evidence, we will clear see that numerous examples redefine the ‘Geologic Column’ and indeed reveals that this evidence does not fit an ancient account for the existence for Dinosaurs, but rather, describes a much more recent time when Dinosaurs walked the Earth. This evidence also reveals that Dinosaurs lived in a much more recent time frame alongside mankind, as they are found in layers distributed throughout the sediment by hydrologic sorting. These topics also point to a catastrophic world event which coincides with evidence pointing to Noah’s World Flood.

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