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Flood - Noah

NOAH’S FLOOD – The Global Flood

The evidence pointing to the historical account of Noah’s flood is overwhelming. If you take the scientific evidence found in geology, archaeology, world history, and literature; we find that the entire world is literally filled with the evidence of Biblical account of Noah’s Flood.

The Geologic Columns

The sorting of different types of fossils and the composition of different rock materials found throughout the geologic columns (or different layers of the earth’s strata) is typically the primary data used to interpreted two different views of the world’s history:

1.) The Young Earth or Catastrophists Theory – typically used to support either the young earth creation viewpoint or as evidence for a worldwide (Noah’s) flood


2.) The Old Earths or Uniformitarians Theory – typically used in support of the evolutionary theory

 See Catastrophic vs. Uniformitarian Theory

Many of those who believe the earth is millions-billions of years old re-interpret the evidence as the result of natural processes that took a very long time in order for their own theory to remain intact. The important thing is to examine the evidence for yourself to determine the accuracy of each account.