Category | EVANGELISM – Courses in Biblical Witnessing




Session 1 – The 1st Key to Evangelism : The Law
            Course 1.1 – Salvation & Grace
            Course 1.2 – Problems with Modern Gospel
            Course 1.3 – The Seriousness of Sin
            Course 1.4 – Confronting Sinner
            Course 1.5 – The Ten Commandment
Session 2 – The 2nd Key to Evangelism: Lifting the Veil
            Course 2.1 – The Sinners Conscience : The Witness’s Ally
            Course 2.2 – The Necessity for Repentance
            Course 2.3 – Witnessing Jesus’ Way
            Course 2.4- Leading a New Convert
            Course 2.5 – True & False Believers
Session 3 – The 3rd Key to Evangelism: The Keys of the Kingdom
            Course 3.1- God’s Wrath, Judgment and Hell
            Course 3.2- The Witness’ Tasks
            Course 3.3- The Fear of Man
            Course 3.4- Empowering of the Holy Spirit
            Course 3.5- How to Appeal to People


These courses are designed to equip believers to be witnesses for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of your personal gifting or how God has specifically called you to be a witness to others in your life. Evangelism is the gift of equipping people to be witnesses; and all believers are called to be witnesses of God and of their faith in hopes to save the lost souls in the world. Although the term evangelism is typically used interchangeably in the church with the term witnessing, they typically incorporate the same concepts among believers.

Witnessing, preaching, evangelizing, basically anything that includes sharing God’s Word with others will always accomplish one or more of the following:

  1. Planting a seed in that person (planting the truth of God in their heart)
  2. Watering a seed in that person (affirming the truth of God in their heart)
  3. Harvesting the fruit in that person (leading someone to faith, repentance and salvation in Christ)

Every time we share Gods word with someone, we propose do each of the following:

  1. Glorify God
  2. Save the lost
  3. Encourage believers