Mythologies - Title

Ancient Mythologies

Mythologies refers to the collection of beliefs from a ancient people group or classic culture. Myths where the sacred narratives or traditional stories regards by a society concerning the origin of existence, life, their culture or any combination.

Different Mythologies date back to the dawn of civilization for most world cultures, as ever ancient culture had some type of religious or mythological belief system.

Ancient Cultures had well developed systematic pantheons of classification for their religious beliefs in supernatural phenomenon and their various gods. Some of the most elaborate and sophisticated and well known mythologies are those of the Greeks, Egyptians and Norse.

The study of mythologies typically yields the conclusion that the stories or traditions of a society where based on truthful depiction of some over elaborated accounts, historical events, or various urban legends.

Mythologies from different cultures can even be used to trace back societies traditions to find a commonality between two different cultures or people groups that may not seemed to, at first, be related.

Myths and oral stories where used to pass on beliefs and traditions from generation to generation, or to teach history, lesson and morals to children.