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Iranian Religions



Numerous religious movements have originated in the greater Iranian regions. These Iranian religions are defined among those that speak the various Iranian languages and attribute to the Iranian cultures.

Many of these religious movements are unique in many ways as some have attributed influence from both the Eastern Dharmic and  Abrahamic beliefs over the centuries, as well as an accumulation of their own unique beliefs.


The earliest Iranians are believed to have originated from Proto-Indo-Europeans in the Sintashta culture at an estimated age of 2000 b.c.

The Proto-Indo-Iranian Religion is the historic context for the earliest religious references of this region.  Predating the Vedic or Indo-Aryan people, the Proto-Indo-Iranian Religion is theorize to be an offshoot of an older Indo-European religion due to similarities in deities and practices.

These archaic religions echo their influences and practices into many of the Iranian religions, including Zoroastrianism and others have reference influence to the Vedic religions.


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