Philosophies - Title

World Philosophies and Alternative Beliefs

The word Philosophy comes from two Greek words, ‘Philos (love of) and sophia (wisdom) so it literally means ‘the love of wisdom.’ Any philosophy is a ‘system of belief(s).’

Typically, It is used to define the study of ideas, or beliefs, to determine the fundamentals or meaning of a subject.

Philosophies typically address a subject matter systematically through rational or logical arguments and ideas, however, some that are considered to be philosophies do not follow such guidelines.

Philosophies & Beliefs

Alternative to religions, may rather consider themselves philosophers, or that they base their lives on a particular philosophy, because it seems to connotate more of a sense of logic or reliance on reasoning rather than spirituality.

This suggestive usage of the word philosophy still only masks the fact that a particular philosophy is only a chosen or specific way of thinking, the same as any other system of belief.

Even though someone does not wish to acknowledge something beyond their physical perception of it, they are still relying on their own personal belief system in order to accept it as a fact.

Our own personal belief system is how we accept reality and perceive the information that we can observe, this becomes to each person, their own ‘personal philosophy,’ to personally learn how to accept the reality that they perceive.