The term ‘paranormal’ is a broad and general reference, typically associated with the idea of anything outside of normal experiences or something that is outside the range of scientific explanation. Paranormal investigations are the pursuit of identifying any supernatural phenomenon that could potentially provide evidence for something outside the constraints of nature. This includes everything from supernatural experiences to abnormal phenomenon’s.

Paranormal experiences have a rich history throughout all human history and culture, not only in religious communities, but also among modern, skeptical individuals. Religious, spiritual and miraculous events are reported everyday by people all around the world. Every historic civilization is full of spiritual events including eye-witness accounts of supernatural events.


The very idea of the supernatural needs to be properly defined before it can be examined. From a natural standpoint, which is the observation point of any human being, it is not difficult to understand that we are bound by natural limitations; in our perception, thinking, etc. therefore how can we know anything the supernatural? The starting point for every person is, is there evidence for anything supernatural, and if so how do we experience enough of it to create a valid argument for it.


Supernatural – of, pertaining to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal. 2.of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or attributed to God or a deity.

Material –  formed or consisting of matter; physical; corporeal: the material world. Pertaining to the physical rather than the spiritual or intellectual aspect of things: material comforts.

Assertion #1 – Method of Validation

Evidence for the supernatural would not be able to be concluded the same as any natural phenomenon, through the classical scientific method. This would be due to the fact that the supernatural does not abide by the traditional laws we are able to test natural phenomenon with.

a.) This doesn’t exclude that some portions or products of the supernatural may be able to tested using such methods.

b.) This also doesn’t mean that the idea of the supernatural is illogical, there are many natural phenomenon that are known to exist even though we cannot prove them scientifically, i.e. how do you KNOW your wife loves you?

Assertion #2- ‘Super’-Natural Phenomenon is Already Evident

Evidence of contradictions within the laws of nature, or ‘super’ natural phenomenon, have already been scientifically discovered over the past century. Quantum mechanics contradicts and perform functions that are contrary to the laws of classical physics on a micro scales. This is evidence,  based on perception, of a ‘super’ natural or ‘hyper’ natural state that we are able to both observe and study.

a.) If this discovery has occurred over the past century which reveals laws outside the conventional theories we once believed governed all existence, there could just as easily be other forces on different levels that also operate in different ways.

b.) It could be speculated that the supernatural dimension operates on a separate law of ‘physics’ above our perception, which leaves behind evidence of its existence in different ways.

Assertion #3 – ‘Physical’ Evidence

Evidence for a supernatural phenomenon could leave behind ‘fingerprints’ of its position in the natural world.

a.) This is evident in the way we experience complexity in nature. In fact the very laws of physics have to ‘hang’ on a higher law to sustain their existence. The law of gravity remains consistent, however there is no known law that keeps it consistent (or that can account for its origin), we can only experience the fact that it does remain consistent. The natural world is based on a higher set of principles.

b.) Historic data and testimonies are some of the strongest validations for supernatural phenomenon we have. People separated by time and space have experience similar supernatural phenomenon providing testimonies and trace evidence.


With the advent of modern technology, we are able to investigate even deeper into the mysteries of each supernatural claim. With each examination, we are able to validate information from each claim, from elaborate hoaxes to others that no other explanation beyond that of the supernatural.

It is important to thoroughly examine every paranormal claim in order to divide fact from fantasy, and to determine exactly what a supernatural experience look like.


Even though testimonies cannot be validated using the scientific method, we have to remember in a court of law, it is the testimony of a witness, and collaboration of associates that counts as evidence towards a case. History cannot be validated using the scientific method, yet we count historic accounts as facts based solely on the testimony of one or more individuals.

There are countless testimonies, most intriguing are those from both public officials (police officers, firefighters, even government officials) and skeptics that proclaim supernatural experiences similar to those originally involved in a claim.

Videotaping and auditory recording can also be used to validate and provide additional evidence for a supernatural claim.