jakob-jordaens-four-evangelists-painting-drawingEVANGELISM AND MISSIONS

Evangelic Synesthesia –  What is Evangelism/ Witnessing and Missions

Believers are called to share the truth of God’s word with others in the world. Not only to bring them to the saving knowledge of God, but also to overcome the works of the enemy that seeks to keep the people in the world in bondage (slavery) and suffering. All believers are called to take up the mission of using their lives to help other people however it my be that God has called them to do so. Some have gifts of encouragement, healing, speaking, etc. but all are to use these gifts in a manner that glorifies God and bring people close to the one that created them, to reconcile all children to their Heavenly Father.


Let us keep the witness of our hope strong and unshaking, for He is true who has given His word: – Hebrew 10.23

Why Witness? – All believers are all called to be a witness for Christ, and to serve the Lord by revealing who He is to other people in truth and love. There are nearly uncountable ways to be a witness for Christ and achieve this, and the purpose of this site is to equip believers for all areas of witnessing that God has called them to in their life. In fact, that is the purpose of this entire website is to equip all believers not only with all strong evidence to prove their unbreakable faith, but then after standing upon the rock of their salvation, share this truth of eternity and reach out their hands to unbelievers. The Apostle Paul describes how we should witness (1 Corinthians 9.22) –  “BY ALL MEANS!” By all means and in any way that we can, we should be reaching out to the lost souls.

Understanding the Mission & Purpose

Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost, and as His disciples we are to follow the patterns that He set before us.

Concepts Through the Path of Salvation:

In order for someone to believe they have to be taught, before someone can be taught someone must be sent to them, before someone can be sent, they must learn, that person is YOU.  There is a specific pattern to the road to learning to come to faith:

  1. Heart of Preparation – First Wall – First of all someone needs to have a heart that cares to learn the truth,
  2. Creation –  Second the person who care to seek the truth must first ask the question, what is the basic truth of origins, and purpose of life? Is everything is a simple random chance or series of unique accidents. Once we dive into the information on an intellectual level we find that everything was designed for a purpose.
  3. The Bible/ Apologetics – Third we must ask who the designer/creator is
  4. Theology – Fourth we must ask what does the designer require of us?
  5. Christianity – Fifth we must ask how can we continue in the path the designer has created for us.

People That You Can Witness To

  1. Long – Term Relationships
    1. Love and Friendship
    2. Build relationships
  2. Short – Term Relationships
    1. Casual acquaintances
    2. Work relations
    3. Casual Acquaintances
    4. Quick by-passes
    5. Strangers, people you’ll never meet again
    6. People you’ll never even meet.