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Evangelism and Missions

Evangelism is generally defined as the presenting information about a particular set of beliefs or doctrines, specifically in Christianity, the preaching of the gospel. It is the proclamation of specific truths with the objective of bringing others to salvation and/or conversion.


The term evangelism originates from the Greek word euangelion, which means good news, or messenger of good news. The term was used in ancient time primarily in the New Testament to refer to the same kind of practice that exists today, of bringing the gospel of God, the good new of salvation to the people of the world.


It is interesting to think of the definition of Evangelism, as all humans carry out and express, as a primary part of their life, their personal beliefs or system of beliefs. No matter if a person is an Atheist, Evolutionist, Buddhist, or Christian; every person’s life and their actions present their own belief system, and every belief system is either designed or is capable of convincing others of their teachings. As it is obvious that any belief system that was not designed to be spread, could not continue to exist, and all people have the desire to spread their beliefs about whatever they cherish most, whatever it is they reverence. This expression of passion exists from sports, to careers, to religion, even to a personal favorite television show. Whatever a person believes in and cherishes most they will follow and proclaim in their life (Matt 6.24).

This is why it is critical for Christians to understand and continue the practices of Evangelism in the same manner that is demonstrated for us in the Bible. For there is nothing more important in this world then to bring others to the salvation of God for those that cherish God most in their life.

Evangelic Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which the simulation of one sense is experienced in a second sense. For instance some people can literally feel like they can see certain sounds or hear certain colors of light. In a similar manner, those whom are a spiritual people are to feel and experience the spiritual world and the needs of the people around them. To becomes aware of the spiritual battles going on within other people and within the world around us.

The Bible teaches us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus (Heb 12.2) even though we cannot physically see Him. This is an example of how believers need to become attune to the spiritual, focusing on Christ in our lives. Ephesians 6.12 tells us our battle is not against the physical but against spiritual enemies. We have to cognitively remain aware of the spiritual world through the experiences we receive in the physical world. Believers are to synesthesetically correlate the spiritual world and works of the spirit through our experiences and sensations we derive from our physical surroundings. Jesus taught in parables (Matt 13.10, John 3.12) to correlate spiritual things to us in a way humans could understand, by explaining them in relation to the physical world. In similar ways believers are able to continue relating to the spiritual world and understand many different kinds of spiritual things by the experiences we have in the physical.

Biblical Evangelism

It is important to study the ways that the Bible teaches us to evangelize. It is important not only to know theology, but to learn how to be able to present theological doctrine in a similar fashion to the way that Jesus did in the Bible. This will enable us to not only have the logic or information necessary to teach others, but more importantly the ability to make it effective, through acts of love, compassion and various actions.

There are many different principles found throughout the Bible to make God’s people more effective at delivering His message and general principles. These will also help to encourage us through the difficulties of dealing first hand with the spiritual world.

Spiritual Warfare

Learning theology personally and engaging the spiritual world are to very different things. A soldier can learn all his life through ever manual ever written how to use and shoot a gun, but until he actually gets out and shoots the gun he will have no real experience or ability to be able to handle them correctly. In the same way when a person becomes a believer they enter into a battle ground they may not even be aware of. The world is filled with spiritual beings with various agendas. Those that oppose God seek to destroy, discourage or distract His people.

For these reasons it is critically important to understand the war that we are in and to learn how to engage, triumph and utilize the weapons we are given.